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  • Reliant 4CP Alerts

    Reliant 4CP Alerts

    Reliant 4CP Alerts

    Reliant 4CP Alerts

    Reduce peak load this year. Reduce transmission costs next year

    Our 4CP program provides the opportunity to work with us to scale back on electricity usage during peak demand. These peak demand events occur during a single 15-minute window, once every summer month June, July, August and September when demand is highest on the grid.

    Our team’s knowledge of the market and constant monitoring of grid activity helps provide your organization with the greatest 4CP insight possible, allowing you to scale back on electricity usage in anticipation of an expected peak event. The benefit? A 1-MW reduction during any of these periods can save upwards of $50,000 in demand charges over the next year.

    Depending on your business, frequent curtailment may not be an option. That’s why we offer three alert tolerances to align our advisory platform with your needs.

    4CP Chart

    Please inquire below to learn more.

    Terms, conditions and other restrictions
    A customer’s decision to reduce load in anticipation of a possible 4CP event is voluntary and does not affect the customer’s obligations to perform under its Agreement with Reliant. Customers with Resources that are providing Responsive Reserve Service remain obligated under the terms of their agreements to provide Responsive Reserve Service in accordance with ERCOT Protocols and in compliance with the ERCOT Award Notice. Customers on settlement products remain responsible for all Settlement Adjustments that accrue under the terms of their Agreements.
    *Depending on the TDSP and customer voltage level. Annual savings estimate based on reducing energy consumption in each of the 4CP events occurring in June, July, August and September. However, participation in all 4 events is not necessary - TDSP charges for each customer are calculated for the following year by taking the average of the customer’s current year demand readings during the ERCOT 4CP events.

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