Evaporcool® System

Simply cooling the air that enters your HVAC units can reduce the energy they consume by up to 30%. The Evaporcool® system, brought to you by Evaporcool Solutions, LLC, via NRG Energy, Inc., can significantly increase the efficiency of your air-cooled HVAC system and pay for itself in less than four years.1 Call 1-888-315-1558 to speak with an energy solutions expert.

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How it works

Evaporcool uses a water evaporation process to reduce the temperature of air before it enters your HVAC unit's condenser, which dramatically increases the efficiency of the heat exchange process. Because heating and cooling systems typically consume 40-60% of the energy used by an average commercial building, the money saved by decreasing the amount of energy expended by your HVAC adds up quickly. Evaporcool can reduce peak kW and daily kWh energy use by up to 30% on AC units that are 20 tons or larger2, leading to significant savings.

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With Evaporcool, you not only save energy and see return on your investment within two to four years — you also gain a number of other potential benefits.

  • Extended HVAC equipment life
  • Fewer system failures
  • Reduced coil maintenance
  • Reduced energy consumption (kWh) and peak demand (kW)
  • Less compressor head pressure caused by excessive heat
  • Improved operating cost efficiencies
  • Filtration of harmful dirt and debris
  • Real-time monitoring and alerts via an intuitive dashboard
  • Automated fault detection and service dispatch

Evaporcool in action

The Evaporcool EZ-Frame™ attaches to your HVAC condenser inlet with rare-earth magnets and uses misting sprays to cool the incoming hot air. You can monitor the system's performance through the Evaporcool SmartSpray™ control panel dashboard.

Evaporcool - Before and After

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Or call 1-888-315-1558 to speak with an energy solutions expert.

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All of our energy products are made to your business specifications. You will work with an energy solutions expert to determine the right product and implementation plan for your strategy, budget and operational needs. Contact us today to figure out what's best for you.

Terms, conditions and other restrictions

1 Energy reduction and/or savings are not guaranteed. Actual reduction in consumption depends on HVAC system efficiency, climate and humidity. Typical payback: 2-4 years. Evaporcool systems are provided by Evaporcool Solutions, LLC.  All questions or complaints concerning this technology should be directed to Evaporcool Solutions, LLC. NRG Energy, Inc., and Reliant Energy Holdings, LLC are in no way affiliated with Evaporcool Solutions, LLC and make no representations or warranties of any kind with respect to that company's products or services. SmartSpray™ and EZ Frame™ are trademarks of Evaporcool Solutions, LLC. Evaporcool is a registered trademark of Value Added, LLC. NRG and Reliant are not affiliated with Evaporcool Solutions, LLC, Value Added, LLC, or the products and services either provides and/or markets.

2 Based on Evaporcool case studies