Reliant BrokerConnect®

Reliant BrokerConnect®

Reliant BrokerConnect®

Reliant BrokerConnect®

Reliant BrokerConnect® is your self-service pricing advantage. You have easy access to our competitive pricing, innovative energy tools and attractive commission structure to help strengthen your client portfolio — all backed by the largest commercial energy provider in Texas.

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If you or your broker firm already has a contractual relationship with Reliant and would like to request access to BrokerConnect, or if you or your broker firm is interested in doing business with Reliant and accessing BrokerConnect, please visit our registration page to request access.

If you have questions, we're happy to answer. Give us a call at 1-855-403-5906 Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Central Time, or email us at

Create proposals instantly

Our innovative online pricing tool delivers automated custom quotes with unlimited real-time pricing, daily pricing updates on pending quotes, quick credit evaluation and contract generation in just seconds.

Get competitive pricing

Receive competitive pricing on a full suite of customizable commercial energy products and services without haggling and negotiation.

  • Fixed Price - Take the guesswork out of your client's energy bill by setting a fixed rate for the full-contract term.
  • Block & Index - A combination of fixed-price protection and variable-price flexibility that puts the customer in control.
  • Monthly Gas Index (MGI) - Help manage your customer's price risk with this product that allows customers to contract for a gas-indexed power price that can later be converted to a fixed price.

Manage your entire book easily

Our exclusive online account management tools make it simpler for you to track your progress, view account information and project earnings at a glance.

  • Review your account information, recent activity and project earnings on the My Dashboard page
  • Locate your working, signed and voided quotes quickly and keep your client's information on file to reuse for unlimited quotes
  • Customize future start dates and stagger start dates for multi-location accounts

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Please view our FAQs that explain Reliant BrokerConnect® in greater detail.